Pilot Exhibtion

For my degree I am action researching into my provision of educational resources. As part of this I am holding both a physical and an on-line pilot exhibition.
If you have a few moments why not visit and then post your feed back here. I really want to know what you think are the strengths and weakenesses of both the research itself and the presentation. Don’t be shy 🙂 Critisism not only tolerated but very welcome!
The audio is here
and the slide show is here


3 thoughts on “Pilot Exhibtion

  1. Hi Linda – it’s fine if you follow the link for navigation at the top but I found that on the 2nd/3rd page that where you asked people to go the flicker site, then hansel and gretel etc I found that I kept ending up on http://firstclass.ultraversity.net/~linda.hartley/pilot/index.html and generally geting a bit confused – as this didn’t seem to be flickr or hansel and gretel – if I were not very technically minded I might have given up … I still haven’t found a link to the sites you comment on…

    Your audio doesn’t sound very confident … and how do you get the audio and slide to go together …

  2. Hi Eve, thanks for the feed back. The problems you are having are because it is a slideshow – it doesn’t have external links. The screen shots take you through the presentation. The link to the portal site isn’t in the slideshow.

  3. Fascinating stuff — I’m planning to do research in a similar area, investigating informal learning in the 43Things site. I love those Flickr classroom displays…beautiful!

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