This week is down in my research plan for taking the first action phase of my research. I was worried that I was just ‘messing about’ with making a blog for the Classroom Displays group. Well, actually two blogs both called Classroom Displays one on James Falmer’s Edublogs site Edublogs and one on Blogger.

I wanted to see how they compare for ease of posting, style, ease of linking etc. Originally I thought I’d have to find a blog that would make it through the LEA Smartfilter (that’s a whole other conversation!). However as the blog is aimed mostly at teachers and support staff I decided this wasn’t such a big issue. This is partly because we now have a computer in the staffroom that isn’t filtered so no blocked sites.
Anyway, when I checked my plan for this week I realised I am doing exactly what I’d intended. I am taking my first actions in my research, adding a blog to the Classroom Displays Group.


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