Getting frustrated.

I’ve got James Falmer commenting on here assuring me that I can add a Flickr badge to my links area on the edublogs blog and to have a play :-). I’m struggling to see where to put it. I can’t edit the stylesheet like on the blogger one – that was fairly straightforward. So I wonder where I am supposed to put the html code? Oh there’s a thought, perhaps it works better with the Java one. My several attempts this afternoon haven’t worked. So far I’ve learned:

  • it doesn’t go in the bit for image urls
  • it doesn’t go in the notes section
  • other people must have had problems with this because someone went to the trouble of writing a WordPress plugin to make a Flickr badge
  • I have got the blogging direct from Flickr sort of working now, but it shows some of the html above the image which I then have to edit out from the blog – thus rather defeating the object.
    Still I am leaning towards the Edublog:

  • WordPress is easy to use mostly,
  • it looks pretty good I think,
  • there are no nasty adds,
  • the Classroom Displays Blog really belongs in an education based environment.
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