Teaching Assistants Forum

Andy’s blog post about Teachin Assistant groups made me think about looking for an interested audience for my final exhibition. Last year when I started the Classroom Displays Group on Flickr I went looking for a TA group and was unable to find any very active national ones. I’d resigned myself to using teacher based groups this year again but Andy’s post made me think I’d give it one last try.
I Googled for TA forums and didn’t turn up much, TES, and a few others. None of them very active except perhaps socially. However looking through the archives of one of them I found a posting about a new TA forum. This looked quite interesting. It has over 200 members (I was number 200) and it seems to be quite active. There were lots of recent posts on a wide variety of subjects but what really rang my bell was there were threads about displays:-)
I posted a link to the Classroom Displays group and a bit of an explanation about my research then wandered off to explore the rest of the forum. I’ve made 4 posts so far. (My initial one, one in Introductions, and 2 responses to other people).
Theory into practice
I knew from advice from Andy, and from my experiences last year that it is important to join in the life of a community not just try to grab what you want and whiz off again.
Bob Dick talks about how relationships are the basis of much of action research and I think this is just as true online as f2f.
So there we go – another cycle of emergent research, this time DAR. I’ve got more to write about this but I want to spend a week or so getting to know my way round the forum first.


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