Choosing Blogs

I did a comparison between Blogger and Edublogs.Despite a few technical issues Edublogs was a clear winner for my purposes. My blog there is aimed at education practitioners and being part of that community makes sense. I also like the fact that James so obviously cares about what he’s doing . He tries hard to resolve issues, unlike the impersonal blogger interface. Also I like using wordpress, I use it here for my research blog. It’s a bit of a pain not having access to edit the style sheets like I can here and I miss being able to have a flickr badge, but other than that it’s pretty good.
So when problems with using Firefox 1.5 happened I shouldn’t have been surprised at James’ swift response:
Problems with Firefox 1.5
Hmmmm, seems like users who have upgraded to FF 1.5 are having some problems posting to their blogs. Am on holidays at the moment but will do my best to sort this out asap, in the meantime IE will work (never thought I’d say that!)
Nice man 🙂

Actually Safari works ok too – so I’m using two browsers again, sigh!


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