Google Video

I decided to have a play with uploading a screencast to Google Video. Google Video automatically converts the .mov file and prepares it for streaming. I’m not very happy with the quality – but it is one way of avoiding spending vast amounts of time sorting the files out myself. See what you think:

I’m using a version on cd for the f2f exhibition, so the quality is much better but I might use this for the on-line version, if people think it’s ok.


3 thoughts on “Google Video

  1. The compression does make it a bit jerky and fuzzy, especially when the window is scrolling to follow the mouse pointer around, but it is just about good enough to communicate the idea I think. Maybe that’s because I kind of know what you’re doing though. Do google video provide other combinations of settings which may improve the result at all?

  2. Hmm … I think that, if people are familiar with what you are demonstrating then it may be ok – but if I didn’t know what a wiki was I’m not sure the screen shots would have been clear enough to encourage me … so I suppose what I’m really saying is – audience … how will they see it?

    Can you give an alternate link to a bigger file size they can download as well?

    BTW – there’s a more up-to-date version of Omnigraffle available now! Spotted the old symbol on your Dock!

  3. I know about Omnigraffle but I like the old one!
    Not convinced about the screencasts myself. Might restrict it to the f2f and put them full size on the cd and on FC. They are after all meant for people who’s filter blocks the sites I’m talking about.

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