Pedagogical impact :: Weblog :: Being an Autodidact

Pedagogical impact :: Weblog :: Being an Autodidact

To my mind, informal learning is central. Training and education have their place, but without the support of a community of practice and a demanding enough (as in stimulating but not always overwhelming) environment, learning is pointless, except as an elitist, competition-driven game. Learning, ultimately, should be pleasurable, purposeful, and not without a struggle that can be shared. It’s social; it needs to be social.

Which opens for me the question of whether I blog to learn, or blog to learn how to blog;-> The so-called Web 2.0 is interactive and the source of much knowledge. Web 2.0 can be seen as a community of practice, but only if you know how to navigate to find out about what you want to know about. This, to me, is the new litracy: how to learn informally using the Web.

Web 2.0 as a CoP? Never occurred to me quite that way but I can see it makes sense in a way. Not sure it meets the “I am a ………” criteria, worth thinking about though.


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