Is Downes noteable?

I was catching up with my Edubloggers RSS feeds today when I came across this. It seems that Dave Cormier from Edtechtalk was reflecting on the business of edublogging/podcasting/on-line learning/learning 2.0, wondering if it could be described as a field or not and had a look at the Wikipedia entry for Stephen Downes

Dave’s Educational Blog » The Edubloggypodlearnonlinosphere – Are we a ‘field’ and if so…
I was looking for an appropriate category for an entry on another valued member of our community and failed to find a point of reference for it. Will Richardson, who thousands of people a year come out to listen to speak, is not there. I came across Stephen Downes’ entry and was shocked to discover this

* “The subject of this article seems to fail Wikipedia’s consensually-accepted criteria for inclusion of biographies. If you are familiar with the subject, please expand the article to establish its notability, citing reliable sources, so as to avoid it being considered for deletion. If notability cannot be established, the article is more likely to be considered for deletion, as per Wikipedia:Guide to deletion. If this article has no assertion of importance, then it may be speedy deleted under criterion A7 (unremarkable people). :

If we think that we have a field at all, then, agree or disagree with Mr. Downes, he is certainly “a widely recognized contribution that is part of the enduring historical record in their specific field.” That is… if we are a field.

So is Downes noteable? To me he seems a hugely important figure in the world of Edu blogging and it seems bizarre that soap stars and reality TV ‘stars’ have pages whilst his might be marked as possible for ‘speedy deletion’.
Dave also points to the pages on e-learning and on-line learning. (Dave’s post is only a few days old but these two pages have now been merged.) He ends his post :

lI have a strange feeling that the wiki-ers are not going to like me re-writing the entire field, so here is my call out to my peers. Support our Peeps. Go to wikipedia today and lets start getting the word out – outside our community.

Hmm, given that the Wikipedians are now considering if the pages on on-line training and web-based training should be merged into that page as well, Dave might have a point!
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