When I first started the Classroom Displays Blog I used both edublogs and Blogger blogs for a couple of weeks. I finally chose edublogs partly because it promised a growing community of education professionals and partly because I fell for WordPress as a blogging tool.
Now edublogs is proving a bit unreliable for the Classroom Displays Blogand I’m concerned that James may not be able to give it enough attention what with his new job and everything. I’ve decided to revive my blogger version of the blog and use it to mirror the site content. It’s pretty easy to post to both blogs from Flickr so really it will just be a matter of copying current posts across.
Of course it’s not wordpress 😦 so no lovely quick adding links direct from my toolbar but Blogger beta does seem to have some good points. For starters I can edit the templates, which I can’t do on edublogs. It’s got tagging for posts now which was a big plus for WordPress originally. Still I don’t want to shift away from edublogs totally.
I’ve added Google Analytics so I can see how the two sites are doing


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