So here I am with my brand spangly new BA(hons) First Class. Where has it got me so far? Since July I’ve had one decent job interview. I’ve sent off loads of application forms and carefully targeted cvs. Nothing. I can’t even find anything to apply for now.
So here I am still in school, still doing the same job and increasingly less able to cope with it. The new class has some specific problems that I won’t go into here. These mean that I’m spending much of my time ‘fire-fighting’ and the research element of my job is being neglected. I’ve no longer got the distraction of the modules, or the feeling of working colaboratively with people in my learning set.
This all adds up to me feeling pretty lost. It feels hollow and pointless at the moment.


One thought on “Lost

  1. Linda,

    Don’t give up. I can understand the feeling of emptiness now the mods have finished – I’m dreading it to be honest, and its 18 months away for me.
    Really can’t advise on the job front, but don’t give in. There is something out there for you, its just a matter of finding it. I’m a great believer in fate, and know it will come right for you. Keep knocking!
    You have achieved something great, phenomenal, don’t forget that.
    Chin up.

    Jen, C3

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