John @ Sandaig Primary » Be Very Afraid
John at Sandaig Primary has lots of experience with running a series of podcasts with pupils.

Tomorrow, Sunday, morning I am off to Be Very Afraid at BAFTA. I am taking 2 of last years primary seven, now at secondary, to create a podcast.
BVA is a celebration of students’ digital creativity, in the david lean room!
Should be an interesting event (last years).
The pupils have though up a very creative idea for their podcast (hint revenge), hopefully they will have time to blog about it tomorrow at Sandaig Otters and the podcast will be published sometime on Monday from BVA, if everything go ok.
if you have any interested children they might like to read the Sandaig Otters blog on Monday to see what is going on.

Of course the really interesting thing about this is who is involved. LOL .
Scratch the surface.
Follow the link to last year’s and you’ll find Stephen Hepple hosting it (founder of the Ultraversity degree and Ultralab itself) and a major contribution from the school of our erstwhile resident techie Jonathan Furness. Small world!!
( I wondered why John had suddenly put a link to Jonathan’s Blog on his sidebar!)


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