A new theme for Classroom Displays

I’ve changed the look of The Classroom Displays blog now that James has upgraded edublogs to WordPress MU. I’m using a much more flexible theme (Regulus) that lets me customise elements of the blog a bit more than the old one did. I think it’s an improvement, with cleaner lines, clearer print and a neater sidebar. The functionality is improved by having the tabs at the top of the pages making it easier to locate the static information pages. There’s also a really prominant search box. I’m undecided about the header image as yet – I might need to tweak it so that the blog title & description shows up better.
<img src="http://static.flickr.com/111/294748005_70de903291.jpg" width="450" height="80" alt="theme1"
Even better than that though is the improved functionality of the tagging. Tagging has been a vital element of the blog since I started it last year. The tagging came from the development of a folksonomy of tags in the Flickr group. This led me then to use these tags on the blog. They show up as categories.
People regularly come to the blog because they’ve searched for one of the tags + ‘displays’. It’s one of the main ways they find the blog. Now they’ll find themselves on a page that gives them access to all the posts including the images (vital on such a visual blog) with that tag instead of just a slug which linked to the post.


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