I’ve added Talkr to the Classroom Displays Blog. It claims to be a podcasting service but really it just produces an audio version of the rss feed for the blog. A real podcast would have to add extra material, I think.
I’ve enabled Talkr as a WordPress plug-in over at edublogs as an experiment. It seems to work reasonably well. It occasionally reads ‘decorated’ as ‘degraded’ and the English spelling of ‘behaviour’ foxed it totally! Still as Classroom DIsplays is nominated for Best Audio and/or Visual Blog it seemed worthwhile to add an audio element 🙂
Joking aside,the main thing it’s shown up so far is that I need to write shorter sentences and use more punctuation! I might give it a go here if I can persuade Andy to install the plug-in.


3 thoughts on “Talkr

  1. I’ve uploaded the talkr plugin, and listened to one of the classroom displays articles. The only benefit I can hear is to improve accesibility to the text for people who can’t read. One day, perhaps the artificial voice will decribe the pictures to us as well, hmmm.

  2. Hey. The main site for this talkr plugin is currently down. Might you be able to share with me?

    If not, no biggie… Nice layout btw. I like it a lot.


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