Some really interesting stuff going on in Scots schools just now! Not only that but they are talking about the kids using blogs to share and reflect on their learning. They are busy establishing exemplars for how these might look and function. Ever feel England was getting left behind? Wow! Oh and they are using a wiki to do it!
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Extreme Learning aims to fashion a radical and exciting notion of learning:

* a kind of learning in which young people will be able to bring their passions firmly inside the bounds of their schooling

(instead of having to defer their real interests to their lives outside of school, as is so often the case);

* a kind of learning in which what has been peripheral can be pulled into the core;
* a kind of learning in which the curriculum, or part of it at least, is not fixed by some central authority but is negotiable;
* a kind of learning where the learner is encouraged to see the connected nature of their world;
* a kind of learning in which teachers can accord learners the maximum respect by recognising that they are learners too; and
* a kind of learning that could be a groundbreaking model for a Curriculum for the future.

Take a look an Extreme Learning Project in the process of being completed

The development of Extreme Learning aims to model the style of learning we hope to encourage amongst children – i.e. participative, collaborative and creative.


One thought on “extreme-learning

  1. We’re about to give Extreme Learning a more helpful homepage to lead teachers and students into the tools that might help them. It’ll be launched later this month and I’ll blog it when it happens. Until then, feel free to add your own thoughts, too, to the wiki.

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