Raising digital natives

Sandaig Poets » bio poem by Kimberley-Jayne
Go to this blog post – read the comments & see what blogging can do for children’s literacy, sense of self-worth, sense of community, awareness of other cultures, …..I could go on, and on!
The thing I like most about all of this is the beaking down of barriers. The teachers aren’t talking down to Kimberly, she’s being taken seriously as a poet. Their voices in the comments are joined by, and given equal weight with, those of other children. There it is, blogging breaking down hierarchies.
I also love the sense of caring for children in a distant country and the drawing in of family.
Maybe it takes a global village to raise a digital native. I wonder what Kimberly Jayne’s blog will be like by the time she’s 20?

A long, long time ago
in times of trouble and strife
an old bread box stood.

In the corner of the kitchen
all the kids would run
to be the first to cut the fresh bread
and have a piece that was nice and warm.

Now, through lost years and thousands of miles
The lid is lifted again, by a different hand.
Holding memories now, instead of bread.
Three unseen friends share a slice of words…all nice and warm!

By Kimberly Jayne, her Gran & her fairy blogmother!!!


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