Just Imagine

artsy_T’s slideshow on Flickr
Take a look at this slideshow on Flickr of a 4th grade class’ interpretation of John Lennon’s “optimist, atheist hymn” (the quote is from Andy).
Here’s Tina’s description of the process:

today was the last day of art for my fabulous 4th graders. it’s the end of the marking period and i have a whole new batch starting next week. I needed to do something quick (one class) yet meaningful, and have been cooking this up for a while in my head…

So, i listed out the lyrics from the powerful song, Imagine, by Lennon.

I barely desribed the task. The kids just knew what to do. They happily chose a line to work with and created imagery to go w/ their line.

I can’t believe how obvious this was to my kids. How every single lyric made sense to them. How easy it was for them to imagine.

In this world today, I think some other people, especially those making the big decisions for our world, need to step back and imagine some of these things. I think some people could learn a lot from my 4th graders.

It made me smile – I hope it does the same for you 🙂


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