DARnet » Coffee shop bedouin
I’ve actually done this a few times. I passed a nervous couple of hours after an interview working in a cafe once & I wasn’t alone. The cafe I used to go to in Lancaster always had a contingent of students working away in there on their laptops and sometimes I joined their number. It’s quite a good feeling to be amongst other people but not actually with anyone whilst you work on something I think. I did it a few times in the course of the degree and the presence of ‘familiar strangers’ was quite comforting.
There’s not much new about the idea though. The coffee shops of St Andrews were always full not just of working students & lecturers, but writers too. JK Rowling famously worked in a cafe and I once sat next to a diminuative woman in a cafe who was scribbling away. She looked vaguely familiar & it gradually dawned on me it was Margaret Atwood. In classic St Andrew’s style I said nothing, even though I’ve read just about everything she ever wrote. It’s just not good Scots manners to disturb people!


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