Migrating the Classroom Displays blog

If you read or link to the Classroom Displays blog you need to update your link to : http://usefulwiki.com/displays
For now the new site will mirror the edublogs url but at some point I will freeze the edublogs one and start posting only at usefulwiki. I’ll give lots of notice before I do this.
After much soul-searching I’ve decided to migrate the Classroom Displays blog from edublogs to our own web space. Edublogs provided a useful service when I started the blog back in January 2006 and it seemed worthwhile to try to grow the blog within an education orientated community of bloggers.
Well since then the blog has grown and flourished, so has edublogs, and so too have my skills and confidence. To provide an improved service and to draw my web resources together I decided to copy the blog over to our own space at
Wordpress makes this a simple process and our hosting at Bluehost has a simple control panel which even a novice like me can handle. I’ve learned a lot of technical stuff during the process. How to install WordPress, migrate a blog, install themes and plug-ins.


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