We are all going to be rich?

I was chatting to Andy this morning & he pointed me at a post on Ewan’s blog that I’d missed. It’s an interesting post about Ewan’s reflections on his own learning style.
Near the end of the post is a link to this video of our erstwhile ‘cult leader’ Stephen Heppell waxing lyrical about the future for kids, schools, Scotland and finally education technologists. I was delighted to hear him say that a couple of Notschool people were on course for First Class degrees this year. Some of them shared our first year and I have to say they were a huge asset to Cohort 1. I missed them later as the moved down to Cohort 2 to continue their studies at a slightly slower rate than us.

So Stephen, videoed on his yacht, thinks people who understand about learning and technology are going to be rich. Sigh!
Meanwhile I’m applying for low level admin jobs and wondering what relevence, if any, everything I did in the last 3 years really has to my future. Well, apart from the fact that having a good degree seems to be important for just about any post.
I hope the Notschool kids will manage to get more from the First Class degree than I have. They have a good chance – they are young, determined (don’t underestimate the barriers to learning some of these kids have overcome to get this far!) and technologically definately ‘digital natives’.
Does that sound bitter? It’s not meant to really, just a bit tired of the frey perhaps.


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