Reinventing Project-Based Learning

Reinventing Project-Based Learning is a great new blog from Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss..
The Classroom Displays group and blog feature in Jane and Suzie’s new book which is being show-cased at the NECC in Atlanta on June 25th. Sadly I am unable to join them physically, though I might just manage a virtual presence 🙂

Project-Based Learning Meets Web 2.0
Students take learning to new levels when they use technology tools for authentic projects.
Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age
(to be published by ISTE in late 2007).
This new book showcases teachers on the leading edge of project design. Like their students, they use emerging and older technologies to communicate, connect, and collaborate. If you’re already teaching with 21st-century projects, or are ready to begin, join the global conversation.

Jane really understands what I’ve been trying to achieve with Classroom Displays.

Look at displays contributed by 113 group members and ask yourself: What do class displays tell us about what goes on in school, and about what we value in student work? Visit Classroom Displays Group on Flickr and read host and Edublogger Award Finalist Linda Hartley’s blog. Linda describes her purpose and what she’s learning on her research site Acting to Improve.

Jane’s also started a Flickr group to support the project as well. Now I wonder where she got that idea? 🙂


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