How to have creative ideas…

I’ve decided to expand my creativity 🙂 over the summer with the help of Edward De Bono’s new book “How to Have Creative Ideas”. I’m a big fan of De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and I’ve seen the method used in schools to good effect. So I’m going to spend 10 minutes a day or so working through the excercises in the book and chart some of my experiences on the blog. Like a good action researcher I intend to extract my significant learning! What I will blog about are my reactions, thoughts and reflections on the process rather than the experiments themselves. If you want the actual experiments you’ll need to buy the book 🙂
Day One
I read through the introduction, recognised some familiar stories and some stuff about lateral thinking. The book looks interesting and I’m feeling quite positive about the games. I spend a short time reminding myself that De Bono is talking about creative ideas not artistic creativity.
(Sudden flash of negative memory – a nasty, destructive, but witty teacher once wrote on my report when I was about 14 that I had “an artistic temperament with none of the talent to justify it” Ouch!)
Ok so I decide to try the the first in the book and set a 10 minute deadline. It seems simple enough……
It was quite hard to get going and fight off the feeling that I wasn’t doing it right.
Once I’d got my first idea I carried on and by the end of the ten minutes I had one quite good solution to the task that fulfilled the criteria and one (the first) that slightly missed the point.
So what?
Ok extract my learning from this:

  • I don’t have to let negative feelings block me.
  • I can come up with creative solutions to problems
  • I can evaluate those solutions and rank them quickly
    Getting things slightly wrong isn’t a distaster and I can recover from it.
  • Now What?
    What do I take forward to the next game?

  • A renewed confidence,
  • a feeling of positivity,
  • a conviction that practising this skill is going to be worthwhile.
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