Project Based Learning – Assesment

The dynamically produced Project Based Learning links page on usefulwiki is turning out to be a powerful tool for finding out how educators are actually using this method. Here’s Nick in Minnesota writing about the end of year assesment process in his school.

Nick’s Education Spot
Finalization represents the end of most projects. Students bring their completed project and supporting documentation to a proposal team meeting. There they must present their work to a group of staff members, and argue for the credit they think they deserve for the work they put into the final product. It’s an interesting process of give and take, with the staff weighing in on various aspects of the student’s project, including the documented time the student put into the project, and the overall quality of the project as compared to the expectations the staff and student have for their projects. It’s the student’s job to argue the merits of their project in an attempt to receive as much credit as they can. It’s a fair process that gauges the value of an education on a much grander scheme than “pass/fail” or a series of A’s, B’s, and C’s that can represented a variety of different standards.

Can’t help feeling that process would be a more appropriate way of ending Year 3 of the Ultraversity degree……..


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