My Blogging Timeline

Andy blogged My Blog Story today and it set me off on a bit of a wander through my blogging history. I didn’t want to do a straight post about the how and why of my blog. I did that quite recently anyway. Instead I decided trawl back through my early days of blogging and see what’s really there. Here’s what I found:
My Blogging Time Line
Nov 15 – My first blog created on Blogdrive chosen because it allowed comments without the person having to have a blog themselves, unlike Blogger.
Nov 16th – First blog comment from Andy puts me off using it! When I try to reply on his blog he has comments switched off 😦 Blog abandoned.
Feb 11th- First post, not to really make a blog but to provide a space where I can talk to the people I’ve lost contact with because of the way the course software has been set up.
Feb 12th – from little acorns…

I’ve been asked to record all the displays in school (which I was doing anyway) with a view to putting them on a cd & using them as screensavers all over school. Sounds like a nice idea doesn’t it?

Feb 16th – first comment from any learning facilitator (LF) (Martin)
Feb 22- the blog gets its first comment from my own LF
Feb 25th – I realise the blog is turning into a learning journal

This blog has by accident become a place that I use for my general thoughts about what’s going on

March 1st – begging someone to leave a comment, offering virtual tea and shortbread, feeling like a dotty person talking to her cat. Mo takes pity on me.
March 3rd – seriously thinking of giving up the blog after a comment from Andy (is this a pattern?)
March 5th – lots of blogs:

Blogs everywhere
So many blogs in Ultralab now! And some of them really interesting. I loved Gina’s blog, really colourful. It made me think of her as a person rather than just as someone else’s LF. Shirley’s is good too but quite different. It’s interesting to see how people personalise their on-line spaces.

March 6th – mixing work and play

“I bought some real organic cider from the supermarket next to the train station in Windermere. I’ve never had anything quite like it before. Dry & rather tanniny, but really, really good:) I’m going to put the broadband off in a minute & watch a dvd of “Hideous Kinky”.”

march 9th – assimilated into the Ultralab borg by Tom with Shirley’s help. This predates the blog of blogs and had LFs, the MA students and e-fellows in it too but only 2 researchers, myself and Andy.
And so it continues through the rest of my first and second year. There are several entries a week and lots of comments. Contacts are made and friendships grow. The blog slowly changes into a Meta-Learning Journal where I write about my learning, reflections and double loops all jumbled up with personal and fun stuff. It’s a lively, vibrant blog. I keep trying to hive the personal stuff off into other spaces, including another blog but it never works.
Oct 20th – First entry in Acting to Improve – my serious Year 3 research journal on Andy’s Darnet domain, partly because I can access it from school and partly because it seems the right place for it as my topic is a form of distributed action research.
Dec 11th – first entry in Classroom Displays blog on edublogs where I hope there will be a supportive community.
July – I get the degree. With 193 entries in my main blog I move over to only blogging in Acting to Improve.
April – moved Classroom Displays to our own domain on usefulwiki
July – 74 entries in Classroom Displays,
88 entries in Acting to Improve
I’ll think about what all of this might mean tomorrow


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