Facebook – I wouldn’t want to live there

John @ Sandaig Primary » Facebook
John is on to something –

Facebook seems exclusive rather than inclusive, closed rather than open. I am happy to vist but I would not want to live there.

I’ve been moaning on to Andy about how I just didn’t see that Facebook was much use to me. The main thing I’ve done with it so far is join a couple of fun groups and indulged my love for The Archers and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.
The thing for me is that you are dependant on having a wide circle of friends actually on Facebook to provide your community. Hierarchy is not flat, you are there with your profile and just the people you ‘actually’ know for company. Trouble is for me, and lots of people like me if John’s comments are representative, the people I know just aren’t there.

But it’s more than that. Some people are talking as if Facebook could replace blogging. I think that would be tragic. For me one of the best things about blogging was that I could comment on some expert’s blog and no one would say “Well you are just a teaching assistant – what right have you to an opinion?” Better yet some expert might read my stuff and actually tell me they thought I’d a valid point – or not 🙂 That sort of thing can’t happen on Facebook. It’s for established friendships and it’s not even as open as Myspace in that there’s no culture of adding online aquaintances. Not realising that at first I tried to add a few people from my e-mail address book only to be rejected. Well I thought I did know them but they obviously thought I didn’t or that ‘online’ isn’t real.


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