Why you shouldn’t print it out!

Via Primary Teacher Blog
BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Office printers ‘are health risk’

An investigation of a range of printer models showed that almost a third emit potentially dangerous levels of toner into the air.

The Queensland University of Technology scientists have called on ministers to regulate these kinds of emissions.

They say some printers should come with a health warning.

The researchers carried out tests on more than 60 machines.

Almost one-third were found to emit ultra-tiny particles of toner-like material, so small that they can infiltrate the lungs and cause a range of health problems from respiratory irritation to more chronic illnesses.

And yet – there they sit in many ICT suites in Primary schools in the UK. The health risk may be minimised for the children who are only there for one or two lessons a week. The same can’t be said for technicians or other staff members who spend much longer in there. Photocopiers are a recognised hazard and are often placed in a well ventilated part of the school or have an extractor. Laser printers are usually in the ICT suite, often a quiet poorly ventilated room.
So there you go – another good reason for minimising how much of children’s work you actually print out and persuading staff that saving work in an e-portfolio means they don’t need 3 copies of everything, all in colour, to take back to the classroom with them.


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