News: Survey reveals TAs’ unpaid work

News: Survey reveals TAs’ unpaid work
Survey reveals TAs’ unpaid work

School support staff are still doing regular unpaid work outside of their hours, researchers have found.

The government-funded survey is based on information from nearly 3,000 support staff who returned questionnaires last year, and follows a similar survey in 2004.

It found that two thirds regularly work more hours than their contract says, and only half of these are paid for the extra time.

Most of the overtime is voluntary but a quarter of respondents said they worked extra hours because they were told to.

“The results reveal the extent to which staff can feel obliged to work extra hours to their contracts,” says the report.

Not much change since I did my degree then! Seriously though this was one of the things that put me off a job in an otherwise excellent school. There was a huge expectation that support staff would be prepared to work far beyond their paid hours. People who didn’t want to do that were warned not to take their applications further, as they ‘just wouldn’t fit in here’!  Teaching assistants needs were not even considered for a moment. Now it’s all well and good putting the children’s needs first, we all do that, (I hope!) but there has to be a recognition that staff have personal needs too and that people are more useful and productive when they are in school if they have time and energy for their outside interests. Grrrr 🙂


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