Action Research in Action!

This podcast is a great introduction to Action Research in the school setting. (It made me quite nostalgic about my old learning community!).
Rachel has a great podcast on her blog all about her ICT cluster’s collaborative action research project:

Our ICT Cluster, Nelson City Schools, consists of nine city and rural schools; eight of which are primary and one which is an intermediate. We are in the first year of a three year professional development contract with the Ministry of Education.

Last week I interviewed our Cluster’s Director (and also my school Principal), Paul Potaka, and made a podcast on the action research process, reflection and development our ICT cluster has/is undergoing.

Paul’s contribution to the Time4Reflection Seminar is embedded below in podcast form… Sorry but I cannot locate the process diagrams that he references but it is still a very interesting interview in which you can see the journey our cluster has been on
…. oh, and you can also hear me struggling to produce my best “teacher voice” even though I have a cold!!!
Click here to get your own player.

I like the tools they’ve chosen to use to judge their success. Now I’d quite like them to start looking at children’s voice as well as student achievement. That feels like the riskiest thing to do but it’s also often the most powerful.


2 thoughts on “Action Research in Action!

  1. Hi – thanks for popping by and visiting my blog. Your comment on Ladies of Letters was much appreciated! They just get better and better don’t they?
    Interesting blog you have here. The great thing about blogs is that you get this spotlight into other people’s lives!

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