Accelerated Learning- What does it mean for classroom displays?

There’s a good discussion about the Accelerated Learning approach to displays in the History Teacher’s forum :

I have a colleague at my school who only displays students’ work outside of her classroom – that is in corridors really. She never displays work in her classroom.

She says it is because she went on an Inset course once about ‘classrooms as places of positive work patterns’.

The idea is that you should celebrate student work and achievement with displays of their work, but never inside a classroom. Inside a classroom should be entirely and only devoted to work and positive motivation.

I’ve read a lot about this approach but I’ve almost never seen it in action. It bothers me slightly, like an itch I can’t quite reach. I like so much of the theory of Accelerated Learning but this is just a sticking point for me, a blind spot.
What do others think?


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