Classroom Displays Group is 3 tomorrow – Downstream Impact

Back in early (Jan 2nd!) 2005 I created the Classroom Displays Group on Flickr as part of an ILM in my Year 2 research. The whole topic ended up taking over my degree 🙂

So here’s my advice to anyone in Ultraversity wondering what to do for their research. Choose something close to your heart, make something real that has a chance to make a difference to your own and other people’s learning, and don’t be discouraged if you have to wait to see its real impact. Impact doesn’t arrive to order. It’s subtle and difficult to pin down – especially online.

Classroom Displays Flickr Group – started Jan 2rd 2005

231 Members

1,283 Images

And here’s what some of the members have said:


Thanks for creating this group. What a great idea. We all know how long it can take to think up a display, let alone make one. It is so inspiring to look at everyones ideas and to share my own. Teachers are such creative people!


This site has given me inspiration and allowed me to see so many other creavtive souls. I am now designing ideas for displays and more able to delegate them to people in my team. So in effect I still get to be involved. Some of them I will definitely be having hands-on involvement.

We have requests from just about every dept in our school now. Word got out that teachers shouldn’t be doing it all, (the 21 tasks!) so I am planning 7 displays for Richard III (all the English dept are doing it), Of Mice and Men, a Cirque Du Freak display, a Roald Dahl display, The Wild West, 2 “Holes” displays, a display based on “Rabbit-proof fence”, something for “Stone Cold”, a display for a Carol Ann Duffy poem, 2 horror themed displays, a drama display based on “The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond” , lots of literacy word walls and 3 science displays. Plenty of photo opportunities for the rest of the term.
Oh to be busy…

What I like about this group is how you can see how people interpret things visually and try things out.

And just today:

I would like to say a great big thank you to everyone on this site – i’ve just moved into a new year group and having to design and put up loads of displays when you’re only just getting used to the planning is a daunting task! You’ve all made it so much easier and have motivated me.

Thanks again

Nice to be thanked 🙂 but even nicer to see the group growing and blossoming just as I hoped it would 3 years ago


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