Join the Teddy Bears Around the World project?

I love global collaboration projects. They are such powerful stimuli for children’s learning. I’ve been keen on them ever since I first found Flat Stanley and I even initiated a small scale one as part of my degree.

You don’t have to be the class teacher to initiate this sort of thing. If a TA or a Learning Mentor is prepared to see it though the teacher is often delighted to let them. It would make a lovely action research project. Note the exchange is of “stories, photographs or podcasts” so not too tricky, even better if your class is doing something like “The Travels of Barnaby Bear”.
There’s a flyer to download and print on Sylia’s blog and more details on the Teddy Bears Around the World Blog



One thought on “Join the Teddy Bears Around the World project?

  1. Hi.
    I just love the idea behind your blog site. I thought you might like to see this website, as it is a little similar to what you are doing.
    It’s totally free, and you can create a profile for your bear. Maybe your students might like to join there too, and keep their own blog. There is also lots of information about wild bears, and other bear related things, including videos, stories, news, and also a forum to chat. It is totally safe for kids, as all posts are approved before going live.
    Please don’t consider this as spam, as I really did think you would be interested in the site.

    Take care, and keep up the good work with the kids.


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