A Twitter Book Group?

Drew had a bright idea (he seems to be full of those – see Andy’s blog). A book group on Twitter. A few hours after it’s birth the group is forming and evolving on a wikispaces wiki. The thing I love about this is that it is at heart a constructivist response to Twitter. It’s not “How can we use this for education?” It’s “Let’s make something and record our learning along the way.” What’s not to love about that?

Here’s a few of the advantages we’ve already come up with:

twitterbookgroup » home
Advantages of a Twitter Book Group
Brainstorm your thoughts below

  • Being able to effectively synopsis your thoughts in 140 characters requires higher order thinking
  • It is is more inclusive of those with lower bandwidth capabilities or do not have computers they can use cell phones
  • Contributions can be made “on the go” via cell phone
  • It would potentially allow a greater number of people to participate
  • It could encourage participants to read off line.
  • It will further the growth of the Twitter network.

If you can think of any others or you just want to get involved, get along to the wiki, put your name down, start following @bookgroup (and the other participants) and get yourself a copy of this month’s choice:


It should be a great way of discussing a book, whilst building a network and learning the power of Twitter. See CoolCat Teacher’s Blog about it as well.


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