Wicked – a learning opportunity?

I’m having a trip to the theatre. Breaks like this are one of the joys of living in London! Let’s face there have to be some compensations or how would anyone survive the daily grind here?
I’m going to see Wicked, which is a sort of prequel to the Wizard of Oz. When I was a kid I loved the Oz books. An American friend of the family bought me the whole set and I devoured them. As I read the books before I saw the film I was never as enchanted by it as most people were. The pictures in my head had been much more vivid! I have a really vague early memory of a Theatre in Education company doing an extract at my primary school which was quite magical but still not a patch on the complexity of the books. Later I saw a staged version of the film in Nottingham with Charlie Drake playing the lion. He was spellbinding. Tiny man – huge stage presence, totally eclipsing the rest of the cast. So much so that he’s all I can remember of the play!
So I’m wondering what I’ll make of this production. The videos on Youtube look and sound pretty good and people in my network on Twitter seem to like the show.


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