We all need more fun!

For ages on of my goals on 43Things has been to have more fun. It’s a good goal to have, it doesn’t mean I’m unhappy just that there’s always more room for fun in my life. I spend a little time thinking about how to achieve this and the results are things like theatre trips, short breaks to Paris, and more everyday things, like a walk by the canal on a sunny day.

So one of the joys of my Twitter PLN has been (re)discovering Bernie DeKoven. Anyone who was working in with kids in informal settings in the 70s and 80s will remember New Games and the wonderful, silly and often hilarious results of playing them.

Nobody wins, nobody loses and everyone has fun.

It stayed with me and underpinned many of the activities I used with children in schools. Pure fun and if something about cooperation or groups gets learnt along the way, great.

Well, Bernie’s a blogger these days and he’s compiled a list of 54 kinds of Deep Fun. It’s a comprehensive list but in his comments Josh G. adds one more:

Bernie DeKoven, funsmith
I’d have to say … “thoughtful fun”.

Fun that thinks. Fun that thinks about how to make things even funner!
And maybe fun that thinks about others and how to make sure they’re
having fun too.

Thinking is fun.

Can you believe I forgot that?!! What was best about my time playing New Games wasn’t participating in them, though that was fun, it was facilitating them and ensuring that the kids and adults had a great time.

Maybe I need to remember that and incorporate more opportunities for fun into my students activities.

I’d also like to add another kind of deep fun to Bernie’s list:

creative fun

The kind of fun where you are absorbed in the creation of something, the act of making for its own sake not to produce an outcome, like making mud pies or messing with play dough.


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