Please help me choose a new WordPress theme!

I’m thinking of updating the Classroom Displays blog theme. I’ve identified enough problems with the current one to make it seem like a good idea. But I think I need some help. Who better to ask than my Personal Learning Network? 🙂

My Wish List

I need a theme that:

  • Allows me to post images without them getting chopped off by the sidebar
  • Has a background that doesn’t detract from the images – nothing too dark or busy
  • Two columns, otherwise it looks too cluttered for those without widescreens.
  • IE 😦 compatible
  • Uses a clear font in a good size, preferably not grey.
  • I’d really like something that used blue lines underneath links – I know this is a bit old fashioned but then so are my readers!
  • Quotes are set against a different background colour, have either 2 apostrophes or none. Not like this theme!
  • No giant apostrophes
  • Easily customisable header image – I don’t want to be confronted with a really complex template file to edit.
  • Up to date – current for the latest version of WordPress.

If you’d like to help me find one, please have a look at the Classroom Displays blog and then either add to the wish list here or make suggestions for themes you think might work.


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