Pass the Lucozade

Originally uploaded by the.burninator

Once long, long ago I worked in the St Andrews Castle visitor centre. This forms part of the exhibition. It is supposed to be someone pulling down the Saints’ statues in the cathedral in response to John Knox. Knox, standing at the lectern, his finger raised, had a movement activated tape that shouted “Cast them oot, I say” every single time someone walked past.
After a while he stopped being irritating, especially once we’d decided he was actually saying “Pass the Lucozade” 🙂


One thought on “Pass the Lucozade

  1. A couple of thoughts sprang to mind as I read this:
    a student saying the lords prayer
    “Our Father who art in Devon ‘Arold be thy name!”
    and an infamous line here from the hymn
    I am the lord of the damp settee

    Heightened and Dampened perception is a marvellous thing!

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