TeachMeet08 North East London

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TeachMeet08 North East London
Come one come all to TeachMeet08 the North East London unconference for anyone involved in education. You do not have to be an adviser or coordinator, in fact it’s really meant for those that are actually doing it in the classroom. This event is for primary and secondary and they are stretching a point and letting me in even though I teach adults 🙂

An Un conference

This means no long presentations and no sales pitches to sit through. In fact powerpoint is discouraged! You can use video clips or images to illustrate your meaning.People put themselves down to speak for either seven or two minutes. During this time they talk about their experiences with technology in their schools

How it works

There is no strict running order. Speakers are chosen at random, using the electronic fruit machine and administered by the MC


TeachMeet08 North East London
You must register on the wiki if you want to go. First log on

A couple of people have struggled with that so here are some screenshots of how to log on to edit the wiki:


Then on this screen:

Once you are in you can register to do either a micropresentation (7 mins), a nanopresentation (2mins) or be an enthusiastic lurker. Your choice 🙂


One thought on “TeachMeet08 North East London

  1. If it is anything like it’s Scottish ancestors you should have a great time. You can have some fun setting up a twitter account that posts everything tagged what ever the tag is from technorati, flickr etc see

    for example.

    I wish I could be there.

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