Music Lessons, Web2.0 Style – using Moodle

Music seems to be a bit of a theme on the blog at the moment. An old friend from Ultraversity days, Sarah Hackett, got in touch recently to tell me about her new venture. Sarah did some fine research (First Class in fact!) for her final year project on using Moodle and video coaching to work with groups learning folk fiddle. If you are going to TeachMeet08 North East London edition you might be lucky enough to hear her talk about it.

Her new venture takes that work and extends it out to a wider audience:

Folk Fiddle lessons online

Learn OnLine 4 life and Laugh Out Loud 4 Life
Learn Folk Fiddle tunes by ear and and improve your aural skills, memory, musicianship, awareness of harmony, violin technique, appreciation of musical form and structure, and enjoy practical application making sense of music theory in a logical way. Most importantly though – have a great deal of fun and get involved in a really sociable activity!

Sarah’s work is always innovative and interesting. She provides a flavour of what people can expect:

A free course of online lessons

I have posted videos for the tune Trip To Matlock that you can access without charge so that you will be able to get an idea of what to expect.

Please would you give a donation to one of the charities suggested in the Trip to Matlock News Forum for the use of these videos. There is no need to sign in – just click on the blue i button to find out how to access.

The site is great for individuals or could be used by schools groups. Sarah’s charges are very reasonable and you’d certainly be getting expert coaching.


One thought on “Music Lessons, Web2.0 Style – using Moodle

  1. Thanks so much for this source! I just stumbled upon it by following a new friend on twitter. We are a homeschool family traveling the world, so always interested in web 2.0 learning ( for both my daughter’s education and for serving the classes and homeschoolers that follow us).

    We have a fabulous source for her piano lessons online via skype, but violin has been much harder to find. She went more than a year without any lessons, but continued daily practice. We are not musicians, so it is a challenge to homeschool in this area.

    I will pass this on to other families on the road who are looking for ways to keep up with music on the move!

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