Reflections on the blog. What? So what? Now what?

harbour reflections
A classic combination of questions in action research. I’m going to use them to try to help me reflect on this blog. I got very bogged down in the 31 day Blog Commenting Challenge. It made me really think about what I’m doing with this blog and, well, why I write it at all. I’m going to use a reflection technique to help me sort it out. It’s one that I used a lot when I was at uni and which might just be helpful now.


State the problem –

I’m only a very part time educator these days. When I do work in education it is with adults and it is very limited. Most blogs that I read or comment on are primary school teachers. After 18 months out of school I’ve lost my common ground with them. I thought I’d find adult education bloggers to be my peers and provide a new community. I haven’t. They are either not there or I can’t find them. It’s not like I can just use university bloggers either – their issues are as different to mine as the primary school teachers.

Mostly now what I do is write: blogs; articles; wiki pages. Some about education, some not. I like to write. I enjoy it.I love the whole gamut of writing from simple factual things about dates and times to long, in depth, opinion pieces. Mostly it’s the sort of writing that combines words and images. Heh – I wasn’t going to get less visual was I? 🙂

Put simply then, the problem is that what I read (blogs and twitter) and what I write about (and reflect on) here does not improve my practice. My practice has changed.

So What?

Why is this important? Well, it’s important because I still want to take actions and improve. It’s just that what I do has changed. I still want to use a blog to help me do that. I know it’s a useful tool and I want to use it.

Now What?

Now I get to re-invent my RSS reader and this blog. If you come with me on this journey you are very welcome. If this is where we part company, thanks for being around and goodbye.

I’m going to use these insight to plan radical changes to the blog over the next couple of weeks. It might get a bit bumpy along the way. My focus is going to shift to writing and reading in all it’s forms.

So here’s a few questions for anyone who’s still here after this announcement.

Who writes really well?

Who should I be reading?


One thought on “Reflections on the blog. What? So what? Now what?

  1. Hi Linda,

    It’s good to read you and I particularly empathize with this post. I too have been struggling with the whole blogging question and the way I have decided to resolve it is to remember that I came to the blogging table, first and foremost, to please myself. So that’s what I am trying to do.

    Best wishes with your re-focus!

    I recommend the following blogs for good writing…
    Chocolate and Zucchini:

    Nerd’s Eye View:

    Lives Less Ordinary you already know. I realized as I was looking at my Google Reader list that many of the blogs I love are also photoblogs. Funny!

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