Is your blog worth a pound?

Ever looked at your site from an internet cafe?

Andy and I had an interesting hour or so today exploring some of our web properties at a local internet cafe. I’d been alerted that there might be problems with the Classroom Displays blog in some versions of Internet Explorer on XP. I must admit I was dubious as I’ve checked the blog on other computers before and not had problems.

Anyway, I checked last night on and sure enough IE6 & IE8 had problems loading the page. As we use the same theme on several sites more detailed investigations were needed. So off we went today and paid our £1 for two machines for one hour.

The machines were using IE8 and mine crashed as soon as I tried to access Classroom Displays. It not only wouldn’t load but froze the screen. As a devoted mac person I’d forgotten the horror of not having ‘force quit’ and as I’d no admin access I was stuck with a frozen screen. I can only apologise to anyone who’s had this problem on Classroom Displays. I know how frustrating I found it and I only hope it hasn’t happened to many of my readers.

Andy got to the bottom of it eventually as luckily his browser wasn’t quite so crippled as mine. It seems likely that it was the code for the custom google search in the sidebar of Classroom Displays that was causing the problem rather than the theme, I hope!

While there we uncovered a couple of other problems with sites so it was £1 very well spent. We’ve decided we should make this part of our regular routine.


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