Reflections and Learning

Massive actions today flowed from a morning of meeting and reflection. I decided to eliminate several time sinks from my daily routine and to rationalise my use of other services.

These are the services I’ve looked at so far:


If you follow me on Twitter don’t be surprised if I’m around a lot less in the next few weeks. I’ve decided I need to move my attention away from my regular comfort zones and to concentrate much more on actions which maximise cash flow.
I know that there’s a lot of talk about how this is exactly what you can do with twitter but I’m not convinced. To me it’s far too seductive and I tend to be too scattered in my approach to gain much traction from it.
I may try again at some point but for now twitter is off limits except for autoposts.


I just reduced my feed reader by more than 70% All that is in there now are feeds that are likely to produce actions, be that blog posts or comments. I’ve also sorted out MarsEdit so that I can post straight to various blogs via NetNewsWire.


Although I’d paid for MarsEdit I’d fallen out of the habit of using it. I am now resolved to do all my blogging via Mars Edits rather than through the WordPress interface. I just don’t like the 2.7 interface much so the simple set up in Mars Edits will encourage me to blog more often and more efficiently.


I’m such a visual person I find it easy to spend far too much unproductive time on Flickr. This connects with my RSS use too as I was following many tag searches which were not directly relevant to my business interests. I also continued to spend time growing groups that are actually now self-sustaining.
I’d like to spend more time actually improving my own photography skills so hopefully I’ll post more and browse less.

Time tracking software

I’m going to try out some software solutions to time management. I need to see how I’m spending time and where.


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