WordPress for Beginners

WordPress for Beginners – why should you use it?

WordPress is ideal for anyone starting out on line. It is so easy to use. The interface is as simple as Word or writing an email. I’m not really very techie but I edit WordPress sites, like this one (!), all the time.
Have a look at this screenshot of the blog interface to get the idea.

See how easy it is?

  • No complicated code to learn, (no need to use html)
  • Easy to change the look and feel just by changing the theme with a single click
  • You can easily add images and video

WordPress for Beginners – where to start?

There are 2 kinds of WordPress sites. The ones you pay to host on an independent web host (I tend to use Bluehost) and the kind that are hosted for free on WordPress.com.

Rather than going straight into setting up an independent WordPress site you could try setting up a free one on WordPress.com (http://wordpress.com/).
Try to register http:/replacewithyourkeyphrase.wordpress.com/. Note – your key phrase is likely to be something people would naturally type into a search engine like google when looking for a site on your subject.

You can use the WordPress.com site to play around with the WordPress software to see if you like it and then if you do decide to go the independent hosting route link to your main site from it. This will then also give you a valuable link back.

WordPress for more advanced users

Although it is often used for blogs WordPress can be used as a content management system (CMS) giving you a complete, complex, professional standard site that you can easily edit and update. Not only that, the search engines like WordPress giving you a SEO (search engine optimisation) advantage straight away.