One & Other – Flowers

flowers? why did she throw flowers?
One & Other - flowers??

This photo has been blogged at the One & Other official site.
“I’m not sure” is my considered opinion of the One & Other project to occupy the 4th plinth in Trafalga Square.
In some ways it’s great fun and the twitter stream and webcam can be quite entertaining. In other ways the jibe Big Brother for Grauniad readers really does hit the mark.
I went with Andy on Thursday to see for myself. What I found was a great chance to take random photos of the crowd. A perfect excuse for people watching. As for the plinth itself, hmmm.
Many of the participants have allowed their hour to be recorded and preserved on the One & Other web site but a few haven’t. The main person I saw chose to remain anonymous and her hour has not appeared on the site. I therefore have no more idea now than I had at the time what exactly she was saying or doing. The live web cam allows plinthers to talk but not loud enough to be heard easily from below. Her banner said something about The Big Draw and I heard the word “homeless” a couple of times.
At one point she threw down these flowers which the lovely lady in this photo picked up.

What did it all mean? I’ve no idea.

Was it Art?

Should I have been entertained?

What does it mean to be a plinther?

I like work that makes me think and ask questions, so I think maybe I like One & Other, but I’m still not sure. I’m quite glad Andy (Read his 4th Plinth Post) didn’t get selected though!

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