Unpacking - CC image by Betsy Fletcher via Flickr
Unpacking - CC image by Betsy Fletcher via Flickr

I’m settling in to my new blog. I have got this rather natty new theme (P2) which is great fun. I feel a bit like someone’s who’s finally got all the boxes unpacked and is now moving the furniture around to suit themselves.

Changing Broadband Suppliers

My set up is having to cope with limited connectivity as we change broadband suppliers. This is now well underway. The phone has been switched back to BT and we’re waiting for the new modem to arrive. Meanwhile I’m using my T-Mobile dongle which mostly works well. I’m wary of exceeding the fair usage limit (a stingy 3G!) so I’m treating it a bit like dial up. This means going back to batching stuff and finding ways to read and write stuff offline.


So far I’m occasionally blogging from the main page, just for convenience. Mostly I’m blogging from MarsEdit, which I’m now very happy with.

Things MarsEdit Does Well

  • It lets me compose posts offline,
  • I can post straight to it from NetNewsWire
  • It easily copes with my various blogs.

Things MarsEdit Doesn’t Do Well

  • I can’t add WordPress tags to posts. Technorati tags yes – WordPress – no 😦
  • Images – I need to be online to add images to posts unless I’ve used them in posts before.
  • Adding my current theme to the preview – possible but fiddley
  • Links can be a nuisance
  • No WIZIWIG editing so formatting bullet pointed lists, like this one, is a pain.

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