Moving House – my new blog home

I’ve moved my main blog over to Linda M

I’ll still blog here about matters educational and about things to do with The Classroom Displays Blog. However my online interests are much broader these days so a new blog seemed in order.

I’ll be writing mostly about writing online and off and about blogging. I’ve got a theme that lets me do very quick microblogging updates as well so there will be a mix of these and longer more substantial posts.

There’s also a lifestream page where you can see almost everything I’ve been doing all in one place. Fun 🙂

Do come and join me over there if you think you might be interested. All are welcome but there will be less stuff about teaching and education.

Update – comments closed on this post due to too many spammy comments. It seems to be ranking for the phrase ‘moving house’ and that’s attracting some human spam comments. It’s wordpress folks – y’know, ‘no follow’ links in the comments? Sheesh!


6 thoughts on “Moving House – my new blog home

    1. Thanks Frank – done in a rush before going away. Fixed now. LOL Didn’t think anyone still read this blog much!

    1. Obviously otherwise you wouldn’t be leaving such s_pammy comments on people’s blogs. Add value or go away! (your link was removed)

  1. Well, maybe I was a bit sharp but you added a link to a removal company, this post is called Moving House and is on a page rank 3 blog.
    Maybe I’m jaded but I just think your comment was a misplaced SEO attempt (of little use as my comments are ‘no follow’ anyway) rather than a genuine comment.

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