Blog Action Day – climate change

It’s Blog Action Day and Andy has recorded and blogged When the Waters Rise one of his own songs on the theme of climate change.

I think this is a powerful song and I love a tango!

The balance kept by plants and sea
has pushed beyond the boundary
The gas surrounds us like a cloak
a million years gone up in smoke

With climate change, a world in motion,
Then the ice caps melt and join the ocean And the waters rise

In the short term we can head for the hills,
In the longer run we’ll all grow gills and the waters rise

I fear he might be right about everyone needed to evolve gills in the longer term!
It was on the news this morning that the Arctic shipping lanes will be fully open for commercial shipping and are unlikely to freeze this winter for the first time ever. How scary is that???

I hope that all the thousands of bloggers writing about climate change for Blog Action Day realise that we probably have to do more than just write a blog post and move on.


8 thoughts on “Blog Action Day – climate change

  1. I’ve been looking around at dozens of Climate Action Day blogs and find almost no one is posting anything. So by the end of the day, out of 8000 blogs there should be at least 20 or 30 posts. Where is everybody? Where is the big support for the Copenhagen Climate and Social Control Negotiations? There is no support anymore other than you.

    Yay Blog Action day! Big success…Wahoo..

  2. Hey Canada Guy and Klem. I must admit I prefer the first comment to the second but I have a sneaking feeling Klem had a point. There were indeed thousands of blog posts eventually but not nearly as many as I’d expected.

  3. – Climate Change made the typhoons in the south pacific very destructive. Typhoon Ketsana made a lot of mess in Philippines and Vietnam

  4. Climate Change is really scary, now we have super typhoons and a lot of flooding going on some countries..-;`

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