I’m experimenting with shaking up my h…

I’m experimenting with shaking up my habits. I’d settled into a comfortable rut and the upshot was I have been less creative than I really wanted to be. Shaking up my work practices is quite hard but I think it will make me more productive in the end. Change is good for me, I hope!

What I’ve changed:
I’ve gone back to paper and pen for planning out my daily tasks. I still love my computer but this is an attempt to shake up the routine.
Progress after 1 week – this is working well. I’m clearer about what I’m doing or NOT doing each day.
Things to watch – remember planning isn’t doing and don’t beat myself up if I don’t do everything on the list.

I’ve been experimenting with using different computers to break my e-mail/rss habit. Using the old macBook when I’m upstairs (living room is upstairs) is OK but I don’t find it easy to work on. I miss my 2 finger scrolling too much! It does stop me working too much in the evenings and keeps me away from silly games on facebook.

Today a new experiment – working on the mac-mini in the little front bedroom. I’ve been thinking of working in here for while but somehow always assumed I’d use my macBook. I thought I’d give the mac mini a try today and so far so good. The keyboard is a bit heavy and it’s odd using a mouse but otherwise it’s OK. I need a better chair (and maybe a new keyboard) if this is to become a regular work spot.


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