Mending Vintage Curtains is a meditative…

Mending Vintage Curtains is a meditative process, so far I’m pleased with how my chosen solution is working out but there’s a long way to go. At the moment my main tools of attack are Bondaweb, cotton lawn, pins and a hot iron. Oh, and lots of patience. Sewing and finishing will come later but hopefully the outcome will be worth the effort.
Just now I’m waiting for a piece of cotton lawn to dry before I check that it’s fully bonded. I love the smell of hot iron on damp fabric. I’ve never understood how anyone could sew big projects without a hot iron set up near by.
Mind you I don’t do ‘proper’ clothes ironing 🙂 I have a 10 minute rule about that – if it doesn’t look fine after 10 minutes wear – get rid of it! Life is too short. Still the old ironing board has a familiarity about it, the smell of ironing was the norm in my childhood living room. My Mum loved to iron as she watched TV or listened to the radio. Those were happy family times so this is a comforting smell.
Later it became the smell of my sewing efforts and that’s a happy memory too.
Now back to those vintage curtains!


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