Mending Vintage Curtains and blogging

Today I’m mending vintage curtains that suffered badly when they were washed.
It’s nice to revive one of my old skills and rediscover my pleasure in sewing and mending. It feels a bit self indulgent though – isn’t there some way I can blog about this? Isn’t there somewhere to use this knowledge that I have?
So that’s why later today I’ll no doubt be examining keywords related to mending curtains and meanwhile I’ll be photographing the process.
It helps that there’s a computer in the room and this is a slow and painstaking process that needs lots of time between actions.

The first mend looks passable so I’ve moved on to a fairly major tear. This is going to take a bit of thought and injenuity to fix in a way that doesn’t show too much. Of course I’m cursing myslef for not having taken more care in the cleaning. If only I had used my spray mist dilute Milton method none of this would have happened. These curtains are vintage Heals from the early 60s and although they are very high quality cotton they shouldn’t have been washed. OK, so my modern machine has a very gentle cycle and they were washed cold but the strain was just too much for them. It seems likely that they were genteely rotting when I got to them but it’s not much of an excuse really.

They had that tell tale smell of mushrooms about them, sweet and not unpleasant it is a sure sign of rotting fabric.

I’ll keep updating as the process continues.
If you’ve got here by searching for Mending Vintage Curtains please leave me a comment. I’m going to be putting up some instructions if there’s enough interest.


2 thoughts on “Mending Vintage Curtains and blogging

  1. Maybe you can give me an idea? I have 2 pair of averge length vintage barkcloth curtains. Unfortunately, my farmhouse has long windows. How could I turn 2 pair of vintage curtains into 4 pair of curtains? How could I add a contrasting fabric in a way that would look cute and still relay the vintage barkcloth feel?

  2. Hi gooby,
    I think it would depend on the size of the pattern, the style of the vintage curtains. and the style of your farmhouse. Are you looking for a cottagey feel or something formal?

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