Short Stories

I’ve been writing mostly today, article for link backs to one of my main sites. Re-working old blog posts into fresh. Makes me think of spinning straw into gold LOL.
All this writing got me thinking about my own short stories. I have a stack of them and I’ve always meant to do ‘something’ with them.
Today I sat down and re-read them. Amazingly I still like them and think that other people might too. So what to do with them?
Posting them on the blog isn’t quite right. They wouldn’t happily fit into the blog format and yet I find I would like to publish them somewhere online. If for no other reason than to preserve them. At the moment they exist only as printed copies.
Andy suggested making them into pdfs that people could download and read. I’m not sure anyone would ever bother but it’s a semi- attractive notion.
Anyone got any good ideas?


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