Sneezes and Wheezes

Today I am mostly….sneezing and sinusy. The day is dull and driech 😦

Wheezes – in the old fashioned sense.

However, I am not really downhearted. A good wheeze used to mean a good method of doing something, a good trick or a good idea and there have been lots of those this week. These are just a few:

  • I have tickets to see the final dress rehearsal of a West End play tomorrow and I’m really excited aboБерезаut that!
  • The birch tree outside our dining room window still has golden leaves that are shining in the tiny bit of London sunshine.
  • One of my niche blogs proved itself yesterday and this means the start of another hopefully profitable venture.
  • I discovered a really useful tool for getting articles written more efficiently (write or die)
  • My class is nearly at the end of their course and things have gone well with them.
  • Ezine Articles have finally decided they quite like me and have approved a whole raft of articles of mine. So lots of nice juicy back links and maybe some human traffic too!
  • I discovered Likaholix which is a bit like a fun version of delicious.
    Creative Commons License photo credit: L`Yoshka

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